Eterna is a Swiss watch brand known for its quality and precision. The brand was founded in 1856 by Josef Girard and Urs Schild and has since become one of the most renowned watch brands in the world.

Eterna has a rich history and has contributed greatly to the development of watchmaking art. For example, the brand was the first to make a mechanical watch with a central second hand, and it was also the first to bring an automatic watch with a date indication to the market.

The vintage models of Eterna before 1999 are very sought after by collectors for their style and quality. Below is a list of some popular vintage Eterna watches from that period:

  • Eterna-Matic: this was the first automatic watch from Eterna, which was launched in 1948. The watch was equipped with Eterna’s own automatic movement, which was powered by the wearer’s movements.
  • Eterna-Matic Kontiki: this version of the Eterna-Matic watch was inspired by South American indigenous style and featured a unique movement with two balance wheels.
  • Eterna-Matic Super Kontiki: this watch was an improved version of the Eterna-Matic Kontiki and featured a date indication and a waterproof design.
  • Eterna-Matic Super KonTiki Chronometer: this was an extremely precise version of the Eterna-Matic Super Kontiki watch, which was equipped with a chronometer-certified movement.
  • Eterna-Matic Centenaire: this watch was made to celebrate Eterna’s 100th anniversary and featured a unique, handmade movement with a very high beat rate.

In 1999, Eterna was acquired by the German watch brand ETA, which enabled the brand to make its watches even more precise and innovative. Although the vintage models of Eterna before 1999 are no longer in production, they are still very sought after by collectors for their style and quality.

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