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Seiko Lord-Matic Linnen dial (Sold)

Seller: Matthias De Pauw
A vintage watch collector using the Smoothseconds marketplace.
Directly available
Watch only
Price: 300,00


Beautiful Seiko Lord-Matic with a stunning linnen dial with roman numerals. The watch was produced in the 1960’s, features a cool Japanese day-disc, and measures 36mm. The watch runs fine with an automatic movement.

Watch details

Watch category:
Model: Lord-Matic
Period: 1960 – 1969
Reference: 5606-7030

Basic details

Gender: Unisex/Man
Condition: Good
Availability: Directly available
Part of the sale: Watch only

Technical details

Movement: Automatic
Diameter: 36
Case height: unknown
Complications: Day notation, Date

Optical details

Dial color: Other
Watch crystal: unknown
Case material: Steel
Bezel material: -1
Seller: Matthias De Pauw

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Horlogemaker: Seiko
Model: Lord-Matic
Prijs: 300,00
Periode: 1960 – 1969
Referentie: 5606-7030
Conditie: Good

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Watchmaker: Seiko
Model: Lord-Matic
Price: 300,00
Period: 1960 – 1969
Reference: 5606-7030
Condition: Good