Maintaining a vintage watch

The maintenance of a vintage watch is incredibly important. It can be painful to spend a lot of money on a watch that you already own. However, if you want to keep a watch working well, have it serviced regularly. In this guide we talk about some basics to keep your watches functioning well.
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When is servicing required?

It can be difficult to determine when your watch requires servicing. U may think that servicing is only required when your watch has stopped working. Unfortunatly, that’s not true. A watch can run perfectly and still require servicing. This is mainly due to the use of oil in the movement. These oils dry out after a while and as such, the movement will perform worse. This can lead to damage. To prevent damage, a watch requires regular servicing. It is recommended to service a watch every 6-10 years. If you just bought a watch, it is always recommended to have it serviced if you plan to wear it regularly. A lot of sellers claim that a watch was serviced, however take these claims with a grain of salt. A lot of sellers just use it as a sales tactic. As mentioned previously, servicing can be required when the watch runs well.

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How/where do you service a watch

When you’ve determined that your watch needs maintenance, the next step is where to have it serviced, and what to pay. A rule of thumb is that servicing is more expensive for more expensive watches. A simple two or three hand watch is the cheapest to service. Chronographs can be twice or thrice more expensive to service. Rare movements or very complex watches can be even more expensive. A good way to lower your costs is to have your watch serviced at an independent watchmaker instead of a jeweller. These stores increase the prices of these services for profit. This is understandable as this is their way of making money, but its in your best interest to cut them out.
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Watchmaker list

We are working on a list with reputable watchmakers. Our goal is to list every reputable watchmaker for your convenience. Are you a watchmaker, or do you know one? Leave your contact information below to be added to the site. This is free.
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