Purchasing and maintenance

If you are looking to buy a vintage watch, there are some details to pay attention to. Its of great importance that the watch you buy is in the condition that you are looking for. Furthermore, vintage watches require maintenance that some might not expect beforehand. In this advice section we try to help you with the purchase of your watch and determining what maintenance is required.

Buying a vintage watch can lead to unwelcome surprises. We have made a guide to help you buy the perfect vintage watch.

Not maintaining a vintage watch can lead to high expenses. We have drafted a guide to help you with the maintenance of a vintage watch.


Buying a vintage watch

Buying a vintage watch is obviously your first step in the vintage watch experience. Sadly, it is also the most dangerous step. Most sellers that offer watches are either reputable dealers or enthusiastic collectors that are looking to trade in their watch. Unfortunately, some sellers lack the knowledge required to judge their watch. Other sellers misrepresent their watch on purpose. If you are not careful you could buy a watch that isn’t original or that requires expensive maintenance. There are a lot of ”frankenwatches” out there, with parts that are real, and others that are fake. Plenty of vintage watches also have remade dials. We have made a guide to help you judge the condition and originality of your watch in order to ensure you get the best deal.

Maintenance of a vintage watch

Watches are complex mechanical machines with dozens or hundreds of moving parts. Like with all mechanical machines, regular maintenance is required. Ocassionaly watches aren’t maintained properly, this can eventually lead to major problems in the movement. Watches typically need maintenance every 6 to 10 years in order to continue functioning well. If a watch isn’t maintained well, a thorough revision can be required which will typically be expensive. We have prepared a guide to help you buying your vintage watch.

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