Tourist everlight and Ernest Borel flash; two unique watches

Tourist Everlight ad

The Ernest Borel flash and the Tourist everlight are two relatively unknown watches with a complication that is extremely rare. Most collectors have probably never heard of these watches or the complications, because they are so rare (and the complications are typically not in working condition).The Tourist everlight and Ernest Borel Flash are both unique […]

Watch brand spotlight: Cartier

Cartier is a French company that focuses on luxury goods of different kinds. Among others, the company produces luxury watches. Cartier was founded in 1847 byLouis François Cartier in Paris, the company remained in the family until 1964. The company is currently part of the Swiss Richemont Group. In 2018, Cartier was listed as a […]

Spotlight: rare vintage watches

Vintage watches are valued for many reasons. Some like the design, others like the heritage and nostalgia. An important aspect for all vintage watch lovers is the fact that their watches are and will remain rare. This is true for most vintage watches; most models are relatively rare compared to their modern counterparts, as many […]

Watch brand spotlight: IWC

IWC, also known as International Watch Company or IWC Schaffhausen is a luxury Swiss watchmaker. IWC is the only major Swiss watchmaker located in eastern Switzerland, the rest are all in western Switzerland. IWC was founded in 1868 and has been a subsidiary of Switzerland’s Richemont Group since 2000. In the early days, the brand […]

Watch brand spotlight: Tudor

Vintage Tudor Submariner

The Tudor trademark was registered in 1926 by a Swiss watch company on behalf of Hans Wildorf, the founder of Rolex. In 1936 Wilsdorf himself took over and in 1946 he made Tudor an independent company. The goal of the brand was to make more affordable watches that still used the Rolex cases and bands. […]

The holy trinity: Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin

Audemars Piguet Vacheron Constantin Patek Philippe

Choosing the best watch houses is no easy task. For example, there is something to be said for brands such as Seiko, or the younger Frederique Constant which offer an awful lot of watch for your money. In addition, the most popular luxury brand is undoubtedly Rolex. It is estimated that Rolex produces over one […]

Rolex Submariner

Vintage Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is the ideal watch of many people. One of the most popular Rolex models, the watch has been hard to come by for years because of this popularity. The submariner, as the name suggests, is a watch designed to dive. Rolex Submariner history The first Rolex Submariner was produced in 1953 with […]

Grand Seiko & King Seiko

Grand Seiko & King Seiko are both higher-end Seiko watches. Seiko is known by many as one of the world’s greatest watchmakers and distinguishes itself by producing decent watches at low prices. However, Seiko was not content with this position in the 1950s, Seiko also wanted to produce high-end watches and perhaps even compete with […]

Investing in vintage watches

Investing in watches is a controversial subject. There are watch lovers who consider it a plague, investors drive up the price of watches, especially vintage watches. Others see it as an ideal investment; you could make a nice return while enjoying your purchase immensely. In this article, I discuss why I think watch prices have […]

Vintage Seiko 5

The Seiko 5 series has been an important part of Seiko’s range for decades. The family is considered an ideal entry point into the world of mechanical watches. Some variants, both new and vintage, can be purchased for less than $100, a bargain. The Seiko 5 series has a reputation for fine quality at a […]

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