Editor’s vintage watch picks

Jedde Reuters
3 September 2020
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In this list i’ll be discussing vintage watches at different price points, all of these watches are unique and have something different to offer at different price points. If you’re looking for inspiration to buy a vintage watch, or simply want to see some cool watches, you’re at the right place.

Vintage Universal Geneve Polerouter
Picture by fratellowatches.

1. Universal Geneve Polerouter

The Universal Geneve Polreouter was designed by the infamous Gerald Genta, also responsible for designing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and the Patek Philippe Nautilus. It is famous for both it’s iconic design, and it’s remarkable microrotor movement. My personal favourite layout is in gold with a black dial, but there are steel variants out there aswell.

Vintage Rolex GMT-Master pepsi, reference 1675
Picture by subgmt.

2. Rolex GMT-Master (especially reference 1675)

It’s difficult to pick the best vintage Rolex for this list. There is the datejust 1601 for a great all-rounder and the day-date 1803 as a great dress watch. There’s an argument to be made for both of these, but i’ve chosen the GMT-Master due to it’s iconic vintage look mostly provided by dials with patina and faded bezels.

Vintage Universal Geneve Tri-Compax
Picture by analogshift.

3. Universal Geneve Tri-Compax

This second Universal Geneve is listed for very different reasons than the first. The Universal Geneve Tri-Compax is the best pick to get complications in an awesomely designed watch from a reputable brand, all for a -somewhat- affordable price. Granted, this isn’t seiko pricing but considering what you get it’s a lot of bang for your buck and it’s quite the eyecatcher with it’s stunning moonphase.

Vintage Grand Seiko
Picture by vintageseiko.nl

4. Vintage Grand Seiko

Vintage Grand Seiko’s come with an interesting history behind them, the watch house was founded to overthrow the Swiss in their own game as watchmaking experts. They succeeded in this, and as such are known for their very high build quality. Their vintage pieces come with an iconic look with sharp angles giving them a quite modern look. It’s difficult to chose a reference which is best as there are quite a few you can pick from that are all good options. If you want a similair watch for less money, look at Grand Seiko’s rival King Seiko. Read more about these two brands in our blog here.

Cartier tank

5. Cartier Tank

The Cartier Tank is quite different from most other watches on this list. Cartier is a brand that watch fans often have mixed feelings about. The Cartier Tank is however a design icon, if you’re looking for a square watch from a reputable brand, the Cartier Tank should be considered. It’s especially fit for women as the tank in smaller sizes is a popular pick among women.

Vintage Seiko J12082

6. The Seiko J12082 & 697990 SilverWaves

Honestly, there’s not much that needs to be said about the Seiko Silverwave. It’s just an incredibly cool-looking and very rare. The watch features a very cool turning dial, adding to it’s appeal. Furthermore, the J12082 is 37mm and the 697990 is 35,5 millimeters. Both wear quite large due to their design and large crown, these are timeless watches.

Vintage Seikomatic weekdater

7. Seiko Seikomatic Weekdater

This entry in the list is by far the most affordable, the Seiko Weekdater is an affordable dresswatch with a very modern appeal. Just like any other Seiko watch this is a very robust and trustworthy watch, especially considering it’s pricepoint. Another great option for a cheap Seiko is the Seiko 5 series, read more about the 5 series in our blog here.

Vintage Omega Constellation Pie pan
Picture by AVW.

8. Omega Constellation Pie Pan

This last entry in the list is the coolest vintage dress watch in my opinion. Omega is known for having quality vintage watches out there, and this piece is especially eye-catching. The constellation was launched in 1952 and was omega’s flagship family for a good while. There are a couple different references and versions out there, personally I prefer the gold constellation. The defining aspect of the constellation watches are their beautiful pie-pan dials (meaning the edges are lowered compared to the centre).

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