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Inspiration for purchasing a vintage watch

We are there for all kinds of collectors. Young, old, starting or advanced. In this section we try to help you find the vintage watch that suits your needs. Together we strive to inspire you, hopefully we can assist you in your vintage watch journey.


Guidance at purchasing and maintaining a vintage watch

If you’re in the market for a vintage watch, there are certain things you should pay attention to. It’s important that the watch that you’re buying is in the condition that you’re expecting. Furthermore, watches require a certain amount of care and attention that some might not expect. In this advice section we try to assist you with the purchase of your watch, and with the maintenance that your watch requires.

The story behind the watch​

Every month we pick a watch with a cool story behind it and feature it in this section.


The smoothseconds blog

Every week we report on an interesting thing in the vintage watch world. This might be a controversial topic, or simply a cool watch.